Kids Safe Online and What Every Parent Should Know

Keeping Kids Safe Online and What Every Parent Should Know

These days, most parents know that the Internet can provide both learning and fun for their kids, but that it also pays to be wary when allowing their children to use it.  Keeping their kids safe online should be the number one priority for any parent who allows their child to use the Internet, whether it’s on a computer, iPad, phone or Kindle.

We often first think “predators” when we think of the risks associated with a child surfing the web, but there’s more to it then that.  Clicking on ads, saying private things in public venues, cyberbullying and video chats are all apart of the risks.  Here are a few tips on how parents can keep their kids safe online.

Kids Safe Online Tips


We’re hearing more and more news accounts of children being cyberbullied.  It’s important to keep your kids safe online from cyberbullying.  A child’s self-esteem is so fragile, and things said to hurt or damage their reputations can go viral when digital devices are used to spread them.  The statistics are staggering which state that upwards of 50% of teens in the U.S. may be involved on either end of cyberbullying (National Crime Prevention Council).

Using a site like makes it easier for a parent to keep children safe on the Internet and while using their cell phones.  Kids aren’t always forthcoming about cyberbullying, but services like this provide you with alerts to inform you of when your child might be the victim of an attack.  It does this by letting you know when comments that are suspect are left on photo that your child has put online – then you can take action as a parent to keep your child safe.


What one says on the Internet is not like writing with a pencil, it can’t be erased.  Even if one deletes it, it lives on some how in digital memory, histories and caches.  What your child says at 10, 11 or 12 years of age online…that could come back to haunt them when they apply for a job or college.

If your child is going to be using a social media site, or write in an online forum make sure you “friend” them or are a member yourself.  This allows you to see what they are writing, posting, and their friends.


Innocent children are usually the target of predators.  It’s important to keep your kids safe online from predators.  They portray themselves as a policeman or as a peer, gaining their trust and then asking them to divulge personal information.  Make a rule list for your child and regularly go over it that includes:

• Never meet with someone they’ve only met on the Internet
• Don’t upload personal photos to share with people they don’t know in real life
• Never tell anyone where they live, or what school they attend or give out a number to text or phone
• No downloading…anything
• If you know it’s wrong, don’t respond
• Not everything they hear, read, or see online is the truth

How do you keep your children safe online?

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1 comment to Keeping Kids Safe Online and What Every Parent Should Know

  • Janet W.

    These days you can definitely NEVER be too careful when your children are on the internet. Sad, but true. Lots of bad things out there for kids.

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