Jordan Knight At The Old Navy Funnovation Nation Party in Wilmington

Jordan Knight At The Old Navy Funnovation Nation Party in Wilmington

This Saturday, Jordan Knight will be at the Old Nay Funnovation Nation Party in Wilimington, NC.  I will be there with my family, covering it for both of my blogs.  I’m excited and nervous about this.  I have the opportunity to interview Jordan Knight.  It’s not definite yet, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I’m nervous, because Jordan Knight will be performing at the event.  My son has never been to a live performance.  He loves music, and I am hoping he will have a great time.  His ears are super sensitive, and I’m expecting a big crowd to be there.  The combination of the two is what I am worried about.

I am going to prepare my son for this event by introducing him to the music of NKOTB, as well as some of Jordan Knight’s more current music videos on YouTube.  I will bring some ear plugs Saturday, in case it’s too loud for him.  Assuming, of course, he will let me put them in his ears.  If he can handle the noise with no problem, the next problem will be keeping him from getting up close to the musicians or Jordan Knight, during the performance.  Like I said, he loves music.  He is drawn to instruments.  Anyone playing an instrument, or singing, is his best friend.  I doubt if anyone there will be familiar with an autistic child, or know how to respond to a nonverbal, curious, autistic child.

I’ll take plenty of pictures of the event, Jordan Knight, and my family.  I’ll be writing up posts for both of my blogs, and hopefully my interviews.  I’ll be writing about the event from a different viewpoint for each blog.  For this blog, I will focus on my son and his reaction.  It’ll also be interesting to see their reaction to my son.

Now, if I do get the interview, what should I ask Jordan?


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