Autism Study Released Supports Insurance Coverage

New Autism Study Supports Insurance Coverage

autism study

There’s a new autism study that has come out in support of Insurance Coverage for Autism?  It was just released and shows that parents have higher out of pocket costs in states without a law to make insurance companies cover autism.  Great, right?  They are confirming what we already know.

Autism Study

Led by Brandeis University Professor Susan Parish, the study compared the experiences of families living in one of the nine states in 2005 that had enacted mental health parity or some form of autism insurance reform laws with that of families living in states without such laws.  – AutismVotes (Autism Speaks)

My question is, why did it take them so long to publish the results of the autism study?  It’s been 7 years.  Now that the autism study has been published, the facts in it are off.  Out of pocket expenses are so much higher.  Face it, the cost of everything is higher now.  What parents were paying out of pocket then can be tripled to get what we are paying now.  Even more so, since there have been new treatments and therapies for autism available.

I think that this study is a good and bad thing.  It provides concrete proof that we do pay out of pocket for services for our autistic child.  However, it’s vague.  It says:

Overall, 78% of families with a child with autism reported having any health care expenditures for their child for the prior 12 months. Among these families, 54% reported expenditures of more than $500, with 34% spending more than 3% of their income. Families living in states that enacted legislation mandating coverage of autism services were 28% less likely to report spending more than $500 for their children’s health care costs, net of child and family characteristics.

It says “more than $500″ but not how much more.  It says 3% of their income, but how much exactly is that?  Finally, as I stated before, the cost of everything is higher now, than in 2005.  Just for transportation to and from the different places for services leaves a big dent in parents pockets.  What about the cost for special items that are needed in the home for our child?  I didn’t see anything in the autism study that referred to that.  Are any of the children on a special diet?  Where’s the cost for that?

It’s a start.  I am a supporter of insurance coverage for Autism.  Autism related services  are a necessity, and parents need more help in paying for them.  What do you think?



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