Autism Study on Baby Teeth Shows Medical History

New Autism Study on Baby Teeth

There’s a new autism study on baby teeth out.  They’ve studied hair and blood, now it’s baby teeth.  Looking for causes of Autism is important, I guess, but I’m more concerned with treating it.  You can argue that in order to successfully treat Autism, you need to understand what causes it.  In order to cure it, you need to know what causes it.  This new Autism study on baby teeth, made possible by a grant from Autism Speaks for $100,000, is the newest attempt by the “professionals” to find out a cause for Autism.

 It ( the autism study ) can reveal compounds like pesticides, plastics, even medicine the child was exposed to in the womb and as they grew. – KATV

Autism Study or Communication Devices

As a parent, I can’t help but think about what better uses that $100,000 can be applied to.  How many communication devices could that pay for?  How many parents of nonverbal children are not able to afford a communication device for their child, and insurance won’t pay?  How about grants for medical bills?  Therapies?  I can go on and on about the kinds of things that I think that money would be better off spent on.

I also, believe it or not, think that there are research studies that the money would benefit.  Practical studies.  An autism study that actually test a treatment possibility.  Studies that look at the brain or genetics for a cause.  These are things that make more sense to me to study.

This leads me to a question that I have been wondering about for awhile.  Has Autism become a business for non-profits and medical researchers?  I know that there are some good ones, but it seems to me that lately, most of them are now treating Autism as a business.  Have they forgotten what is really important?  I would rather see more practical, and helpful, research being conducted.  I’m tired of watching money being spent on silly research that isn’t going to benefit our children.  It’s time they started behaving more responsibly.

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