Raising A Child With Autism Challenges and Triumphs

Raising A Child With Autism

raising an autism child

I am Tammy.  The original Tammy of Autism Learning Felt.  I’m Back!  Did you miss me?  I missed you!  I have taken back Autism Learning Felt, thanks to the generosity of the other Tammy.  We worked out a deal that made us both happy.  I really missed writing about raising a child with autism.  Raising an autistic child hasn’t gotten any easier.  Thanks Tammy, for taking care of things while I took a break.

Update On Me Raising a Child With Autism

You may have found me over on Carolina Mom Blogger.  I started that blog up last year, and write about healthy living, my weight loss journey, healthy recipes, reviews, and giveaways.  I don’t blog about my son that often on there.  I really missed that.

Raising a child with autism isn’t easy.  I have a lot of things to catch you up on.  I’m not going to do it in one post, though. The post would be too long if I did.  I will start off with the fact that I now have a teenage autistic child.  My son turned 13 last March.  Oh my!  Things have changed a lot.  I’m dealing with the usual teenage hormone changes.  Only, more so.  Since my son has difficulties with communication, talking things through is hard.  Figuring out what is going on is a constant challenge.

If you are raising a child with autism, I’m sure you know what I am going through.  He’s more stubborn now.  He’s also getting tall. I can’t make him do or not do something.  Physically, that’s not possible.  We have been trying to implement a behavior plan with the school, and his therapists.  Only, they don’t know what to do.

I’m taking things one day at a time.  That’s all I can do, for now.  Are you raising a child with autism?  Is that child a teenager?  What advice do you have?  I could use some.

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