Autism Family in Crisis Website to Share Stories

Autism Family in Crisis Stories

I have created a subdomain for my blog, called Autism Family in Crisis.  I created it to give those in crisis a place to share their story and ask for help.  It’s also a place for you, me readers, to share stories of autism families in crisis that you have heard about.  Stories can be submitted directly onto Autism Family in Crisis.

Autism Family in Crisis Website

I post a lot of stories here, and it’s not enough.  For every one that I post, there are dozens that are not.  I get visitors to my blog that are searching for help because they are a parent of an autistic child considering suicide.  I get visitors that are looking for help because their autistic child hits.  I read stories about autistic individuals that have had an altercation with the law, and need help.  I read stories about discrimination because a person is autistic.

There are so many autism family in crisis stories that need everyone’s attention.  They need help, and they need a place to tell their story and ask for help.  Autism Family in Crisis is for bringing to attention stories that may otherwise be swept under the rug.  The autism community is strongest when it is supporting each other.  Let’s take some time each day to support one another, share stories, provide advice, and offer our assistance.  Sometimes just knowing that others are praying for you can make a big difference.  Sometimes knowing that someone else has heard your story can help.  Sometimes knowing that you are not the only one that has faced a difficult situation with your autistic child can give you hope.  Knowing that you can come out on the other side stronger, by reading comments of support from parents that have been through the same situation can give a person the drive to keep going.

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