Autistic Man Denied Heart Transplant Because He's Autistic

Autistic Man Denied Heart Transplant Because He’s Autistic

I read about this, and was shocked.  Paul Corby, age 23, was denied heart transplant because he’s autistic.  I read about it on Strollerby, and am still trying to figure out how this can happen.  Other than being autistic, and having heart problems, he is healthy.  Seems a little strange to say that.  Of course he isn’t “healthy.”  He wouldn’t need a heart transplant if he was.  What I mean by that is he doesn’t drink, smoke or have any other medical condition.  He has a bad heart and is autistic.  He needs the heart transplant, and I can’t believe that he was denied.

Reason Why Autistic Man was Denied Heart Transplant

The letter from the transplant physician at PennMedicine, part of the University of Pennsylvania, states:

“I have recommended against transplant given his psychiatric issues, autism, the complexity of the process, multiple procedures, and the unknown and unpredictable effect of steroids on behavior.” – Strollerby

I know that there are a lot of factors that go into deciding whether or not a person would make a good candidate for a heart transplant.  Autism should not be one of them.  He has a mother that is caring and is willing to take care of him after the surgery.  He is already taking multiple medicines and doesn’t smoke or drink.  The side effects of the medicines that he would have to take should not eliminate him from having the surgery.  They are manageable side effects, and an unknown that should not be considered.  A big part of autism can be unpredictable behavior, but we as parents are used to that.

This is such a sad story.  I can’t believe that our autistic loved ones can face this kind of discrimination from the medical field.  Paul Corby deserves the chance to live.  Help share his story by using the share buttons on the top of this post.  Like on Facebook, Twitter it, Share it on LinkedIn, and Stumble.  It’s important that we all come together in protest on this.

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