41 Days Left To Save Autism Child's Home

41 Days Left To Save Autism Child’s Home

save autism child's homeFor a child with autism, stability in routine and environment is important.  For one young autistic child, Abby, her world is in danger of collapsing around her.  Here is a brief quote of her story in her mother’s own words:

My name is Benita. I am a single parent of a child with autism, expressive/receptive language disorder and OCD. Her name is Abby. I am on disability and unable to work outside of the home. For the past 4 years, we have been living with a neighbor who became my significant other. He provided us with housing and transportation. He died suddenly and unexpectedly on May 8 and we are faced with the possibility of no home in which to live and transportation. We want to purchase the home in order to minimize any regression that my daughter will experience. Her physicians are worried that significant changes may result in more behavioral challanges. (If you need a copy of the letter from her physicians verifying our situation, please email me). These behavioral challenges may then impact her social and academic functioning. The physicians believe it is in our best interest if we did not have to endure a move on top of all of the changes that we have to cope with after the unfortunate passing of our loved one, Dwaine. Simple changes such as shopping at a different grocery store, changing her hair style, have taken years of adjusting. Abby has also had to endure weeks of bullying at school this past year. I’m not sure how much more we can take of all the stresses. Please help us to remain in the home with our animals. We have 4 animals in total: Daisy (neighbor’s beagle), Buster (Abby’s therapy beagle), Penny (chihuahua mix) and Smokey (15 year old cat). Your contribution will mean the difference between living as independent a life as possible versus regression of unknown impact. I ask you to put yourself in the shoes of someone whose family is affected by atuism. The battle of emotions, stress, guilt, worry and mental distress can be overwhelming and exhausing and the families live with this 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


How You Can Help Save Autism Child’s Home

Benita is trying to raise funds to purchase the home.  She has set up a funding campaign in order to raise $9,000.  Currently, she has raised $1,111.  She also has an etsy store where she sells art work and homebaked dog biscuits.  Can’t afford to donate money?  You can also help by sharing her story.  Share this post on all of your social networking sites.  You can use the share buttons on the top of this post to Like on FB, Tweet, share on Google+, LinkedIn, and Stumble.  The more people that know, the better her chances are of reaching her goal.  As of writing this post, she has 41 days left.

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