Autism and Religious Education

Autism and Religious Education

autism childrenThis year, my son and my daughter are both getting their First Penance and First Communion sacraments.  My son is also going to get his Confirmation.  I’m very excited about this.  I went to my first parent workshop for my children’s First Penance and First Communion.  I checked in and was given a folder for my daughter.  I asked about my son.  Where was his folder?

I was worried, at first, but kept calm.  I talked to the director, and she said that the high school students do theirs differently.  They will have their ceremony at the same time that they have their Confirmation.  They are also taught differently, and tested differently.  That makes sense.

I was surprised to see a parent there that I knew from when my daughter took gymnastic lessons.  She has 3 daughters, and one is autistic.  Her autistic daughter, younger than my son and older than my daughter, is getting her First Penance and First Communion.  She isn’t ready for Confirmation yet.  I could tell how proud she was of her daughter.  It was the same pride that I have for my son.  We talked before the workshop started, and bragged about how good our kids are doing.

There used to be a time when there were only a couple of children in my town were diagnosed with autism.  Now, there are so many more.  We are finding it easier to connect with one another, and to support each other.  It’s sad that the rate is still going up, but it’s also easier for us to have other parents that we can relate to.

This is such a busy time for me.  I won’t be updating as often as I used to.  I’m sure you have already noticed that I’m not posting as often as I used to.  I have the religious classes for both of my children, their doctor appointments for their ears.  Surgery for my son, and it’s possible that my daughter may need surgery, too.

I’ll be happy when things settle back down.  How do you handle it?  When things get so busy, you find that you are not able to get everything accomplished?

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