Medical Studies Continue to Help Innocent Children

Medical Studies Continue to Help Innocent Children

autism cord bloodHaving to watch your child battle an illness is one of the most difficult experiences to go through in life. Parents will often say they would without hesitation switch places with their sick son or daughter, if it means taking their pain and suffering away from them. The world is full of diseases that to this day are without cures or require new methods of treatment to send into remission. The hope is further medical advancements will allow more innocent children to not only get healthy, but have the chance to live life to its fullest potential.

A medical advancement that has proven beneficial for many children and families is treatment using umbilical cord blood. Cord blood is a unique type of blood found within the umbilical cord moments after your baby’s birth. Cord blood possesses invaluable stem cells that over time have the potential to develop into disease fighting immune cells. Cord blood has proven beneficial in treating cases of leukemia, lymphoma, MS, heart disease, even Parkinson’s disease.

Following the birth of your baby if you have chosen to preserve the cord blood, doctors will perform a quick procedure to gather the fluid and make sure it is preserved in a process called cord blood banking. Countries around the world now perform this procedure at the parents’ request with the process becoming more commonplace as doctors continue recommending the procedure to expecting parents under their care. Cord blood banking in Canada for example, has become a very common procedure as families across the country have benefitted from the process.

Medical studies are still being done to determine what other diseases cord blood may be capable of treating including autism in children. The new tests are still in their early stages but doctors are optimistic the new treatments could prove as successful as previous ones. Doctors are universally asking for more parents to educate themselves on the benefits of cord blood as further studies are put to the test. Children around the world have benefitted from cord blood and the hope is as new studies are proven, more innocent children will get a new lease on life.

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