New MG Gaming System Review

New MG Gaming System Review

I spend a lot of time waiting in the doctor’s office, therapist office, and special activities for my children. One thing I notice at these times is that our children get bored quickly.  I see parents take out their phones and let their children play games on them.

I don’t have a smart phone, so I don’t do that.  When I see children playing games on their parent’s phone, I often wonder about the battery.  Doesn’t that wear out the battery fast?  Isn’t there an alternative?  My kids have a Nintendo that they bring with them.  The problem with that is they never seem to bring the games that they want to play.  They always have the wrong games in their little storage container.

I guess this is why playing games on phones is so popular with kids.  There are no little game cards that you have to keep up with.  Everything is stored on the phone.  Well, parents, it’s time to reclaim your phone.  There is a new gaming system available in time for the holidays.  It is the new MG Gaming System.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to receive a pre-production unit to review.  One was sent to me to review and keep.  I love it.  It has built in Wi-Fi for downloading new apps.  It is an Android based gaming system.  You can buy apps for it, or download games from the many free Android game apps available.

The MG Gaming System is small.  It looks like a phone.  The first thing I did was download a free Angry Birds app.  There are several to choose from, and my family loves playing Angry Birds.  I also browsed through the apps available, and saw a lot that I think my daughter would like.  The MG Gaming System also comes with some pre-loaded games.  My husband played a racing game that was pre-loaded.

The MG Gaming System also comes with an 8GB Micro SD Card.  It allows you to download more games.  It doesn’t come with a charger, but I have a ton of charges at home.  My husband’s phone charger is a match to the MG.  I looked at the website, and it says that they will have chargers available to order, soon.

There are two things that I noticed about the MG Gaming System that may be a problem.  The first is that it heats up after an hour of straight play.  When that happens, the system freezes up.  The next thing I noticed is that the battery life on it is short.  We averaged around an hour of straight play.  Maybe an hour and a half. These problems are addressed on the MG Customer Care online page at, and the MG gaming system available for purchase should run smoother.  It’s not uncommon for issues to arise in pre-production units of new products.  It’s through the these units that companies are able to find and fix problems before the final production of the units for sale.

There are several positive things to say about the MG Gaming System.  It has a big screen on it.  Considering that the device is about the size of a smartphone, the fact that the screen is bigger than that of most smartphones is a plus.  Kids will prefer to play it, I think.  The graphics are also great.  My husband loves the graphics on the racing game that is pre-loaded onto the device.  He played the game for an hour, and would have played longer if the battery had held up.

The MG Gaming System is available for purchase for $149.99 on their website.  It ships within 2 days of ordering.  You can also order it on Amazon.  I predict that this will be a hot item for Christmas this year.  My daughter is going to get this one.  We have been reviewing it in secret.  I’d hide in the bedroom with it, and my husband waited for his day off of work to play it while she was at school.

PlayMG™ Corp. announced today that the MG will be available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday at a significant savings starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on Thanksgiving evening. Holiday shoppers visiting and during this time period will be able to buy the first pocketable Wi-Fi Android app-gaming system for young people at truly door buster pricing. Along with $40 in games, credit and an 8GB Micro SD card included with every MG, new MG accessories and bundles are being introduced at value pricing that will remain in effect after Black/Cyber Weekend sale pricing concludes.



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