Taking Care Of A Sick Autistic Child

Taking Care Of A Sick Autistic Child


Most of my time has been filled with taking care of my sick autistic child.  My son has been sick for a couple weeks, and isn’t showing much improvement.  It started off with his ears.  He has the cyst in his left ear, but it’s his right ear that has been hurting.  And it’s been hurting a lot.  The doctor put him on an antibiotic, but it didn’t seem to help.  He was getting worse.

The doctor gave me a prescription for ear drops, and had me change the over the counter meds I was giving him.  He showed an improvement for one day, and then started getting worse again.  The doctor then said it looked like he has developed the flu.  He’s on new medication for it.  I’m still waiting for him to show an improvement.  His cough is getting better, but he’s spending most of his time in bed.

He was supposed to have his surgery last week, but I had to reschedule it.  It is now set for February.  I hated to do that, because he is in so much pain, but they couldn’t do the surgery while he is so sick.

How am I doing?  I’m tired.  Last night was the first night that I wasn’t woken up by my son.  I still didn’t get that much sleep, because I kept waking up during the night.  I think the mommy part of you doesn’t sleep well when your child is sick.  I have been getting up in the middle of the night for two weeks straight.  I think it’s becoming something my body is getting used to doing.  Even though it is wearing me out.

My son may also have a UTI.  He’s not potty trained at night, only during the day.  But lately, it’s been really bad.  His doctor thinks that there is a couple of things going on.  One is a UTI, but he needs to be tested for it before being treated.  The only way to get a clean urine sample is by using a catheter.  He needs to be asleep for that.  That means, we have to wait for his surgery, and have them get a sample and test it.  The other thing the doctor thinks is going on is that my son could not be produces enough of the chemical that allows the body to conserve fluids while sleeping.  This is a treatable condition, but can’t be treated if he has a UTI.  The UTI would need to be taken care of first.


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  • Hi

    I too am a mother of an autistic child (he’s 4). He never sleeps through and can no longer sleep in his room, but when he’s poorly he’ll wake 7 times through the night and not 3. So I feel for you.

    My reason for contacting you is that I am chronically ill myself and I got pneumonia badly at the end of last year and all the antibiotics I was prescribed didn’t work and I was even on oxygen.

    I started to research alternative cures on the internet and found out about vitamin C taken in very large doses. Well my pneumonia, believe it or not started to improve after 3 days and after 2 weeks I was cured. I’m just thinking it may be of help with the flu too!

    Hope he feels better soon

  • Linda Groves

    It is so hard when they are sick. No matter where Mikie is ill,it’s his heart according to him. And when he throws up it’s ‘go splash.’ I wanted to tell you a old time remedy that works for my earaches. Have someone blow smaoke in his ear it helps the pain. A couple drags will do it. Also there are outside catheters that are worn on the outside like a rubber that catches the urine. I hope that helps. Linda

  • Patrick M

    Hello, I am a father of a severely autistic son (12yrs). Take every precaution necessary to be in good health. You’re no good to them if you’re sick. Papaya is an amazing fruit. It has 10x more vitamin C than an orange. We will both snack on it at first symptom of illness. I’m not a health nut by any means. I just know it works. For ear infections, I use a small cotton ball with Vicks mentholadum lodged in the ear canal. I use a large enough amount to go in slightly (not too far in ear canal) and can be easily pulled out. It will block air from getting into the ear and the menthol gets hot from body heat that will sooth the pain. In-all it helps to ease the pain but, is not a cure. See your doctor for antibiotics.
    My son currently has a UTI. I did not know of the external catheter. Thanks for that.

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