Autism Child and Ear Surgery

Autism Child and Ear Surgery

I’ve been putting off writing this post.  My son had his ear surgery.  It was scary for him, even though we had prepared him for the ear surgery.  When my daughter had her ear surgery, it was a simple procedure.  Anyone raising an autistic child knows that there is no such thing as a simple procedure when it comes to surgery.  Also, my autism child has extreme communication issues.  His ear surgery was more serious than my daughter’s.  His cyst was bigger and harder for the doctor to remove.

The surgery took longer than expected.  The cyst in his ear was bigger than it looked on the scan.  His doctor was only able to remove 90% of the cyst.  She decided to wait 4 months and then go in again.  It is her hope that the remainder of the cyst will enlarge and shift, making it easier to remove.  She also hopes that giving it time will result in less damage when removed.  The remainder of the cyst is in a sensitive area.  Removing it will cause a lot of hearing damage.  There is no guarantee that waiting to remove it will result in no or less damage.  But, it’s a possibility, and I believe that my son deserves that possibility.  I hate that he will have to go through this surgery again, but I think the doctor made the right call.

My son’s recovery from his surgery has been good and bad.  He wore the bandage around his head for one day.  Then it was off.  He also pulled out the packing from his ear.  I was really worried about that.  I have been keeping a close eye on his ear.  He has had some blood drainage, but only a little.  There has been no drainage that looked or smelled like an infection.  He’s also switched from sleeping on his favorite side, to sleeping on his other side.  This means that he isn’t sleeping on his ear that is healing.

My son goes back this week for a follow-up.  I’m hoping it goes well.  It’s been hard not to clean his ear, but we were told that absolutely no water can get in his ear.  I am hoping that his doctor can do some cleaning of it, or prescribe some drops we can use to loosen up the blood that is dried out in his ear.

We don’t know what the status is for his hearing in his ear.  His previous hearing test showed an extreme hearing loss, but the cyst affected his hearing results.  It’s too soon to do another test.  Plus, the remainder of the cyst is still blocking any accurate readings.  We are taking it one day at a time.  I am hoping and praying for the best.  I’m also happy for the fact that he is obviously in less pain now.  Sometimes, you just have to focus on the positives.

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