ADHD and Autism Medicine Treatment Requests

ADHD and Autism Medicine Treatment Requests

As a parent of an autistic child, I have considered medicine as a treatment for my autistic child.  I have discussed it with my son’s doctor, and, we both agreed that it isn’t needed for him.  I have talked with other parents about it, and am always upset when I hear stories about how teachers have recommended starting their child on medication.

I hear it a lot from parents that have a child with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).  It’s even more shocking when I hear that a teacher has “diagnosed” their child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and have demanded that the parent send their child to the doctor to be put on medication.

This happens a lot with parents of autistic children.  Teachers that are not used to working with an autistic child will ask that the child be put on meds.  As if  that will make everything better.  Sometimes it helps.  With some autistic children, medication can help certain behaviors.  But, with children like mine, medication can cause more harm than good.

I also believe that it is not the place of a teacher to diagnose a child.  This should be done by professionals that deal with pediatric developmental delays.  A lot of doctors won’t even make a diagnosis of Autism or ADHD.  Instead, they refer you to a specialist.  Sometimes, a child can be diagnosed with ADHD by mistake.  The same goes with Autism.  It’s important that your child receive the appropriate diagnosis.

If your child has a diagnosis of either ADHD or Autism, and is not on medication, don’t let school personnel make you put your child on medication.  That is something for you and your child’s doctor to determine.  It is not up to the school.  They do not have the right to demand that you medicate your child.

If you need help, there are support groups you can turn to.  There are clinics that specialize in autism or ADHD.  Seek them out, and find out how to help your child from those that are educated in advising parents about autism or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  My son is 14, and I still deal with teachers that think my son should be on a medicine for his attention.  They think it will help.  My son’s doctors disagree.  I disagree.  Medicines can help some children with attention difficulties, but others needed to be treated with behavior therapy.  My son has made great progress with therapy.  Don’t be bullied into medicating your child if you feel that it is wrong.  You know your child best.


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  • This drives me nuts. In my opinion and from experience meds are usually just a coverup for the problem and can and usually do cause more problems over the long term. I much prefer biomed solutions.
    AnnaLaura Brown recently posted..How I Use On Guard Essential Oil Blend

  • april yedinak

    I agree that a teacher is overstepping if they push medicating a child. Every child is different and what will help with one may be useless or even harmful in another. While teachers can give valuable insight into your child’s ability to focus and learn, I feel that too often they don’t know how to handle a special needs child so they think medicine is a quick fix. My son has autism, adhd and mild developmental delays. I resisted medication for years, but finally we did reach a point where he was so out of control and upset all the time. The medication regimen he is on really helps him manage his behaviors and focus, but many of the things that drove his teachers nuts are still there. He homeschools now and it has made a world of difference in his progress.

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