Bedwetting Solutions For Autistic Child

Bedwetting Solutions For Autistic Child

One of my biggest issues with my autistic child is his bedwetting.  I’ve tried everything to get my son to be potty trained at night, and nothing has worked.  His doctor said it might be a problem with his sleep cycles.  The only way to test that would be to have him go through sleep study/testing.  That wouldn’t be a problem if he wasn’t a special needs child. When Wearever contacted me and asked if I would like to review one of their products, I agreed.  They sent me a Wearever Mattress Pad with Wings to review and keep.  I’ve taken my time with this review, and am happy to share my opinion with you.

Before we started using the Wearever mattress pad, my son’s room smelled really bad.  I couldn’t get the odor of urine out of my son’s room.  I was using a plain mattress cover for my autistic son’s bed, and that helped keep his mattress dry.  But they hold in the odor of urine, and they tear easily.  I was constantly buying new ones, and cleaning his mattress.  No matter how many times I cleaned his mattress, I couldn’t get the smell of urine out of the room.

The Wearever Mattress Pad with Wings is 36 inches by 32 inches, with 19 inch wings that extend out to be tucked under the mattress.  It fits a hospital or twin bed.  My son’s bed is a full size bed, so I wasn’t able to tuck the wings in under the mattress.  They do have a Quilted Mattress Pad that will fit a full size bed.  I’ve been using the Mattress Pad with Wings for a couple weeks.  Even with the wings not being tucked in, the mattress pad stayed in place.  My son doesn’t move around much at night.  Usually, the position he is in when he falls asleep is the position he wakes up in.

The morning after the first night we used this was surprising. I noticed that the smell of urine in his room was not strong.  After a week of using it, I only smelt the urine first thing in the morning.  It was a weak smell, and gathering up the mattress pad, to put it in the washing machine, was all that was needed to get rid of the smell.  I love the fact that this mattress pad holds up so well in the washer and dryer.  It can go through the washer and dryer over 200 times.  At a cost of $19.99, I can afford to replace this every five months.  It also holds 60 ounces of fluid.

I am excited that my husband and son will be able to take this camping with them.  They go on weekend camping trips with the Boy Scouts.  I’m sure you can understand the problems they face with my son not being potty trained at night.  I think that this mattress pad will help them a lot.  In a small tent, the smell of urine can be very difficult for both of them.  Plus, there is no way to wash my son’s sleeping bag when they are out camping.  The mattress pad folds up easily and will help protect my son’s sleeping bag during their camping trips.

I also would like to mention the fact that Wearever have men and women’s incontinence underwear/panties.  I wish my son was old enough to fit into the men’s incontinence underwear.  He will be in another year or two.  The smallest size they carry for men is an XS.  He is almost at that size.  With incontinence underwear, it’s important that you have the right size.  If it’s too big, you will have leakage.

I think that the Wearever Mattress Pad with Wings is a great product for anyone dealing with a child that wets the bed.  It’s a lot easier to use, compared to a complete mattress cover.  Having one will make it easier for my parents when the kids spend the night.  It will also make it easier when we go on a family vacation.  I recommend this product 100%.  You can find information about Wearever at:

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