Ear Surgery and Hearing Loss

Ear Surgery and Hearing Loss

My son had his second ear surgery to remove the rest of the cyst in his left ear.  They were able to remove all of the cyst, but they also had to remove two ear bones.  This has caused more hearing loss in his left ear.  I don’t know to what extent, because they can not do a hearing test on him at the moment.  He also has some hearing loss in his right ear from all of the ear infections he has had in the past.

My son is doing well, considering.  We are learning sign language to communicate with my autistic son.  He is able to do some signs, and is slowly adding more words to his sign language vocabulary.  His speech therapist wants us to concentrate on using his communication device, but there are times when it is easier to use sign language.  Also, my son seems to respond better to sign language.  I’m also concerned that in crowds, he won’t be able to hear us.  Using sign language with him would make communicating with my son easier.

My daughter is picking  on using sign language with her brother.  It’s comforting to see her doing so well in learning this form of communication.  I had an IEP meeting before the school year ended.  I made sure that they put into it the hearing loss and sign language goals.  I think that it is important that they work on the same things we are.  We agreed to a list of words to be sent home that we can all work on.  In the meantime, during the summer, I will continue to work on teaching my son new words.

Because of the surgery, my son isn’t able to do swimming lessons this summer.  He will be attending a day camp next month, and I am grateful to his therapist office for sponsoring him to attend.  My son isn’t happy that he isn’t able to go to the pool.  Since his ear has to stay dry, swimming is out for the whole summer.

If everything goes well, my son will have surgery again towards the end of the year.  They will try to reconstruct the ear bones.  This will return some of the hearing loss, but not all.  It’s sad to think that my son will have hearing difficulties all of his life.  We are adapting, but part of me feels that life is just unfair.  I will continue to monitor him carefully, for any signs that the cyst is returning.  I will look for signs of pain or discomfort.  If he indicates that his left ear is bothering him, I’ll let his doctor know.  He will have follow-ups with his ENT, and she will be checking to see if it returns.  If it doesn’t, then the repair work will happen.  If it does, we will have to deal with that.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and praying that everything will be alright.

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