New Study Links Induced Labor To Autism

New Study Links Induced Labor To Autism

There’s a new study that is in the JAMA pediatrics journal linking autism to induced labor.  Out of 625,000 records studied, 35 % of male infants born via induced labor are more likely to be autistic.  This study is not saying that inducing labor causes autism.  It is only showing a link.  They are acknowledging a commonality among individuals with autism.

My pregnancy with my son was a difficult one.  I carried him low, and there was a low amount amnio fluid.  I was constantly being monitored by my doctor, visiting her once a week.  I had ultra-sounds at every visit.  When my son’s due date came, the amnio fluid level was dangerously low.  My doctor admitted me into the hospital and arranged for labor to be induced.

In my opinion, I think the pregnancy itself was one of the reasons my son is autistic.  I believe that my child didn’t get all of the nutrients he needed during my pregnancy.  It wasn’t because I wasn’t eating properly, because I was.  I think the fact that there was a problem with the amniotic fluid levels during pregnancy had an affect on his development.

I think that the link between autism and induced labor is actually a link between the entire pregnancy and autism.  Induced labor is just a natural part of that link.  I also think that this line of thought needs to be pursued further.  If the medical community can determine whether or not something happened during pregnancy to cause a child to be autistic, it could help prevent it.

I have given up on the hope for a cure for autism for my child.  I still hold out hope that doctors will find out the cause, and how to prevent a child from being born with autism.  I still work hard everyday to help my son be the best that he can be.  I haven’t given up on him, just because I have given up on a cure.  I have accepted him for who he is, and work hard to help him learn how to do everything that I know he is capable of.  This new study linking induced labor to autism is one of the few studies that I think could actually lead to something.  I hope they continue to research it.

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