Open House and Meeting With New Teachers

Open House and Meeting With New Teachers

My son’s school had Open House yesterday.  He is now a high school student.  I’m still processing that.  Time goes by so fast.  This year, my son will have to adjust to having more than one teacher.  The good news is that the high school students won’t have to switch classrooms multiple times throughout the day.  The teachers will rotate throughout the day, coming to their classroom.  This is to help make transitioning easier on the students, which will also give the teachers more time to teach.  I really like the SMART Board in the classroom.  My son has done really good with one in the past.  His desk is close to it, and he will be provided with earphones if needed.

I had a chance to sit down and talk to my son’s main teacher.  I explained the changes to his hearing, and how that has affected him.  We also discussed how often updates should come home.  She said that in high school, they don’t send updates home everyday, but an exception could be made if I wanted.  I don’t need an update everyday.  I told her a once a week update on how he is doing is fine.  With updates if he is hurt or something has happened that I need to be aware of.

I have a few things that I will need to buy this week, for my son.  His school supply list is always short, and mainly focus on cleaning and hygiene products.  If the items on his list were on my daughter’s supply list, I wouldn’t be happy about purchasing them.  But, my son attends a special needs public school.  I think it’s important to help his classroom with these items.  I even showed up to meet my son’s teacher with a multi-pack of Puffs.  And I know I will be buying more throughout the school year.  This weekend, I will by hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap.

School starts back up Monday.  It will be an adjustment for both of my children.  I’ll have to start getting them to go to bed earlier.  I’ll be working on that beginning tonight.  That will be a struggle for us.  I’m expecting it to be harder for my NT daughter.  My autism son is usually easy to transition bed times.  But, things are always changing.  I won’t know for sure until tonight.  Wish me luck.  I look forward to posting about my son’s first day back to school next week.

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