Shocking Letter Targeting Autism Child

Shocking Letter Targeting Autism Child

My Sweet Son

I read an article today about a Canadian family that received a letter from a neighbor.  The letter was a hate mail letter directed towards their autistic son.  Their teenage son, severely autistic, sounds a lot like mine.  I cringed and was sickened by this quote in the article:

The neighbor claimed that Karla Begley’s 13-year-old son, Max, is a “nuisance and a problem…with that noise polluting whaling [sic] he constantly makes!!!” The neighbor also goes on to call the boy an “idiot”, “retarded” and a “wild animal kid,” and suggests they should euthanize the boy.  - fox19

You can read the entire article yourself, at the link above.  I am constantly surprised out how mean spirited people can be.  How ignorant, and uncaring they can be.  My heart and prayers go out to this family that received such a horrid letter.  I would be scared for my child if I had received it.

There are so many kind and thoughtful people out there.  I come across them everyday.  So, when I saw this article, it was shocking to me.  I know I tend to isolate my family.  We have a small group of friends, and we tend to be in our own world when we are out in public.  Over the last 14 years, I have gotten used to ignoring the strange looks from people that cross our paths.  I focus on my son and making sure he doesn’t see them.  It’s difficult.  I can’t protect him from everything.

Still, the letter written to this Canadian family is completely beyond anything I have had to deal with.  I hope that they find out who it is, and are able to take legal action.  No one should be on the receiving end of such a horrid letter.  I’ll send up an extra prayer for Karla and her son Max.

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