New Bus Schedule Arrives Too Early

New Bus Schedule Arrives Too Early

Last week, my son’s bus driver called and said that they were changing morning pick up to 6:55.  It was 7:34.  I told her I thought that it would be too early for my son.  I also told her we would try, and if it didn’t work, see what alternative actions we could take.  Well, this morning came, and I forgot the bus was picking him up earlier.  We ended up missing the bus.

I remembered at the last minute.  I was rushing to get my son ready, and I heard my daughter say that his bus was here.  I ran outside, and the bus had already left.  Last year, his bus driver would stop and wait a couple minutes.  Long enough for me to run outside and let her know we were on our way if I was running late getting my son outside.  This new driver didn’t wait.  She stopped, and then left.  I just needed one more minute and I would have had my son outside.

I ended up taking my son to school.  In order to do this, I had to leave my daughter home alone.  I hated to do this.  She is too young.  I prayed that everything would be ok.  That she would get herself ready and out to her bus in time.  I also wasn’t happy that I wasn’t going to be there to watch her at her bus stop.  She waits for the bus at a crazy intersection.

I told the person that got my son out of the truck about the change in the bus schedule.  I asked her to have the principal call me.  I think it’s ridiculous to expect a special needs child to get up so early, and to be on the bus for 45 minutes.  I can’t be taking my son to school every morning.  Not with another child that needs my attention in the mornings, too.  Why is it that parents are always made to do what the school wants, without consideration for how it affects them or their children?  It’s not right.  It seems like they are always making accommodations for someone else’s child at my son’s expense.  I hope we can get this worked out.

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  • April Yedinak

    Something similar happened when my son used to go to school. He had a great driver, but she wasn’t in charge of the schedules. So, after 2 years of him having the same exact route and schedule and fantastic driver, they suddenly change him to a new bus, with a new route and driver. This was because another special needs kid moved right across the street. Directly across the street. I questioned the bus garage and asked why they changed everything for my son and I was told that with the one extra kid the bus would be too crowded (which was not true, but I digress.) So, I asked why the new kid couldn’t ride the other bus, so my son could stick with his bus and I was told it was because the other boy couldn’t handle the noise on the other bus. They wouldn’t budge and my son stayed upset about the noise, the change, the new driver and passengers, for months.

    • Tammy

      That is so unfair. I hate to say it, but sounds like the parents of the other child either had an friend inside, or a strong advocate working for them.

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