Next Ear Surgery Scheduled Before Christmas

Next Ear Surgery Scheduled Before Christmas

My son had a follow-up for his ear last week.  There are no signs, yet, of the cyst returning.  His doctor went ahead and scheduled his next ear surgery for just before Christmas.  This surgery will be to do some repair work.  When she removed the last of the cyst, she had to remove two of the ear bones.  We are hoping that the repair work will restore some of his hearing in his left ear.

My son had a pressure test done on his ears, and it showed almost no movement in the left ear.  I expected that.  His right ear did have a response.  We still have no idea where his hearing is for both ears.  We believe that he is basically doing most of his hearing from his right ear.  My son has also been really sensitive with his hearing.  His speech therapist wonders if doing most of his hearing with his right ear is painful.  He is always trying to plug up his right ear with his finger.

I’ve noticed that he has changed from watching videos on the computer with a lot of sound, to watching them muted.  This makes me wonder if he is having trouble adjusting to his situation.  His speech therapist is working with him on lip reading.  I’m curious about this, because it sometimes seems like he understands what I am saying if he is looking directly at me.  Is it possible that he has adapted his receptive communication to lip reading?

After my son has his ear surgery, and follow-up visits, I will push for another hearing test.  He has to have the one that requires being put under anaesthesia, so I have not been pushing for it to be done now.  I don’t want to have him put under too many times.  We will, of course, try to get an idea of his hearing using the sound proof booth, but my son has never been too successful with that.  Plus, it’s hard to determine from which ear he is listening with.

For the next couple months, I will continue to work with my son with communication.  He is showing improvements with his sign language.  I’m also continuing to use his communication device.  In my opinion, the more forms of communication options my son has, the easier it will be for him to communicate.  I’ll keep updating on my blog when there are new developments in his situation.

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