Sibling Of Autism Child Making Friends

Sibling Of Autism Child Making Friends

My Daughter 2008

I’ve always believed that my daughter has a special way of interacting with others.  Being a sibling of an autism child, she is able to make friends with anyone.  My daughter doesn’t look at another child and judge.  She accepts all abilities and disabilities.  She does this naturally.  Still, I was a little surprised at who her new best friend is.

My daughter came home one day last week, begging for a sleep over with her new best friend.  The child’s mom wanted a play date for the girls, first.  I understood that.  And, we both wanted a chance to meet each other.  When the other child’s mom called, she suggested that the play date be on Saturday.  I explained that I have an autistic son, and my husband would be working that day.  I had to be home with him.  She said she understood, and that she could pick my daughter up and bring her over to their house.  She then told me that her daughter was, in fact, high functioning autistic.  So she understood my situation.

I was surprised.  I was not expecting to hear that.  My daughter hadn’t mentioned it.  When I talked to my daughter about it, she said she didn’t know.  But, she also didn’t care.  Her best friend was great.  I asked a few questions about her knew best friend.  I wanted to get an idea of how high functioning she was, and if there was anything I should explain to my daughter.  Her best friend gets pulled out of class a couple times a day.  She has a little difficulty with speech, but doesn’t seem to be too noticeable.  She has trouble making friends.  She’s also, according to my daughter, the “bestest friend”.

The play date was great.  My daughter had a great time.  When my daughter was dropped off, I talked with her friend’s mom.  We went ahead and set the date for the sleep over.  It will be here at my house.  I asked about food allergies, or anything else I should know.  She explained how to handle things if her little girl got sensory overloaded.

I think the sleepover will be great.  Our two girls have been on the phone almost everyday since the play date.  They have everything planned out, from what activities to do each hour to what they are going to eat.  My daughter has been coming to me with questions everyday.  Wanting to know if they can do this or that.  She is so excited.  This is her first sleepover here at our house.

I have been hesitant in the past about allowing her to have one.  Mostly, it’s been because of my son.  I knew that sooner, or later, I would have to figure out how to handle sleepovers.  I was just hoping to put it off for as long as possible.  But, for a first sleepover, I think this will be the best set up for one.  Both the child and her parents are familiar with autism.  My son is lower-functioning, but has some of the same issues that their daughter does with sensory.  I’m still nervous about the sleepover, but I think it will be fine.  It would be easier if my husband wasn’t working Saturday, but I’ll get through it on my own.  The hardest part will be when I have to take the two girls and my son bowling.  Wish me luck!


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