Caring For An Autism Child and An ADHD Child

Caring For An Autism Child and An ADHD Child

Life in our household has been crazy.  I have family staying with me, and it’s been a little crowded.  It’s also been a learning experience.  I now have my autism son, and an ADHD child to care for.  It’s not everyday, only when his mom is working.  This week, that’s been a half and half situation.

There’s some similarities between our two boys.  Working with T (my ADHD nephew) has had it’s challenges.  He’s in third grade, and is behind in his academics.  He has a hard time focusing on his homework.  I spend a lot of time getting him to focus.  I feel bad that he is struggling so much.  Yesterday, I figured out that he does a lot better if I am sitting next to him.

He is a smart boy.  We sit down with his assigned book reading, and I have him read out loud to me.  He struggles with some of the simple words, and picks right up with some big ones.  I see an improvement in his reading skills after just two days of us sitting together.  He is also doing a really good job with his assigned multiplication tables.

We are all looking forward to when my guests are able to move out.  They are looking forward to getting into their own place.  I’m looking forward to the peace and quiet.  My daughter and T have been interacting just like brother and sister.  Very verbal brother and sister, unlike my son and daughter.  I do hope that I will be able to continue to help T with his school work.  Maybe babysit when his mom is working.  I think a few months of one on one help will do wonders for him.

I think I’ll start researching ADHD.  I would like to know as much as I can about it, so that I can help T more.  He’s such a sweet boy.  I don’t think he realizes how smart he is.  I’ve been telling him, and his response has been like one of disbelief.  You should see his smile when he goes through his time tables and gets everyone correct.  He just needs someone to work with him one on one everyday.  Eventually, he’ll catch up and he’ll start believing in his ability.

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