Hearing Aids For Autistic Child

Hearing Aids For Autistic Child

My son’s surgery was rescheduled for January, because he had the flu.  We got a phone call from the doctor, and she wants to push it to April.  Why?  Because she wants to look at placing a hearing aid at the same time.  This has me worried.  We have not decided about hearing aids for our autistic son.  He is so sensitive with his hearing, our concern is that a hearing aid would improve hearing, but also increase discomfort with sounds.

There are two types of hearing aids that his doctor is considering for our autistic son.  One would be an implant that is placed inside with a magnet part that will allow the outside device to adhere.  The other is a bolt that is drilled directly into the skull, and will come out behind his ear.  The outside device would attach to the bolt.

Both these options are scary.  I just don’t know how my son would react to wearing a hearing aid.  I also think having a bolt sticking out would freak him out.  There has to be a way that my son’s hearing could be improved without causing him a lot of anxiety.  I also need to know if there is a way to adjust the hearing aid if he is receiving sounds at a frequency too loud for him to process.

It would help if I could talk with another parent that has had to deal with this.  My husband and I are also going to arrange to talk with the doctor together.  I think it is important that we sit down and discuss the options before making a decision.  I don’t think she truly understands what this will entail for my son.  She thinks that they are both good options for an autistic child.  The thing is, are they appropriate for my autistic child?

Christmas is almost here.  Thankfully, I can place all of this into a holding pattern until after the holidays.  Part of me is glad that the surgery has been postponed.  I think my son’s Christmas will be a happier one without him having to recover from a surgery.

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