Autism Syndrome: Things To Consider When Vacationing

Autism Syndrome: Things To Consider When Vacationing

There is no doubt that vacationing can be stressful as well as relaxing, and considering Autism can add to the difficulty. As with any activity, extensive planning is essential to help support the autistic vacationer. Take a look at our planning guide to help you.

Find an affordable holiday that is also autism friendly
Use the internet to find affordable holidays. With increasing awareness of the difficulties of autism, many vacation venues are beginning to offer holidays tailored to these needs. Having your own virtual travel agents in the form of Internet-based travel companies is essential if you want to achieve the perfect vacation that has everything you need to have a good time.

Choose where to go

The first stage of planning is considering where to go. For a first vacation, perhaps don’t venture overseas. You’ll need to find some autism friendly locations to choose from. You’ll know any specific requirements your family will need, so make a list of essential features before you begin your search.

Consider your travel insurance

Some travel insurances will consider autism a pre-existing condition and not offer cover for the autistic vacationer. Look carefully at the available policies and check that autistic people are not excluded.

Be aware what they enjoy

Often an autistic child is not the same developmental age as their non-autistic peers. They are unique and individual, and have their own specific needs. Look for holidays that will not exclude them from taking part in activities in a younger age group than their actual age. Allowing them to enjoy these simpler activities will allow everyone to relax and enjoy their own vacation also.

Avoid your specific sensory triggers

Write a list of the major sensory triggers and risk factors for your autistic vacationer. During the planning stage, make sure you refer to your list constantly so you can plan around them, and also have a backup plan in place.


Everyone deserves a good holiday once in a while. So don’t assume it is not possible to enjoy a fantastic vacation along with an autistic person. With plenty of planning, lots of talking about the upcoming holidays, and adjusting your sights to a level everyone can enjoy, you have the makings of a fine and memorable holiday.

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