An Easy Weekend Recovering From Surgery

An Easy Weekend Recovering From Surgery

This looks like it will be an easy weekend for my son, recovering from surgery.  We had a little problem yesterday, when my dad came to pick up my daughter for the weekend.  My parents are going shopping with her to get the rest of the things she needs for her camping trip.  My son wanted to go with Pappa, and wasn’t happy that he couldn’t.  It was really sad.  Several times, I had to work really hard to not cry.  Watching my son be so upset over being left behind was tough on me.

When my husband got home from work, we decided to take our boy out for the evening.  Because he is healing from surgery, we had to be careful what we did.  We started off by going into Apex, and having dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  After that, we visited Dick’s Sporting Goods and Michael’s.  I was fascinated with watching my son look at fishing lures.  I couldn’t tell if he thought the little fish on the hooks were real or not, so I whispered in his ear that they were not real fish.  Just fake ones that could be used to catch real fish.  This seemed to have some kind of impact on him, and he moved along to look at different types of fishing lures.

I made a mental note to myself to find out when my dad would have time to take his grandson fishing.  It will have to be after he has healed from his ear surgery.  Hopefully, they will be able to go next month.  Both my husband and son are out of the house.  They went to Lowe’s to do a little shopping.  Given the amount of time that they have been gone, I have a feeling that they are doing more than just shopping at Lowe’s.  I hope my husband remembered to give him his medicine before they left.  It’s already time for his second dosage of antibiotics.

We will take it easy this weekend.  Most of our time will be spent here at the house, with a few trips to the store.  Monday, we have his first follow-up appointment with the doctor, and then another one scheduled for the following week.  He seems to be recovering pretty quickly.  In a year, we will have to go through this again.  Hopefully, the cyst won’t return again, but I’m no longer positive about that.  I’m glad they were able to remove the cyst in one surgery.  That was an improvement over the last time.


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