Change In Medicine For Depression

Change In Medicine For Depression

I had my two week follow-up with my doctor.  We talked about how I was doing, and I tried to be very detailed in answering her.  I have still been having trouble sleeping.  Not as bad as I was, but still not getting enough sleep each night.  I’ve also been noticing a drop in my desire to do things.  Just a little.  And I’ve been snapping at everyone.

She told me to take my sleeping pill at night, when I needed.  She also increased the dosage of my depression medicine.  She was happy to hear that my eating habits have improved.  I’m not comfort eating anymore.  I’m not trying to diet, but will when I get this under control.  I do feel like I’m in control of what I eat, instead of always eating everything.  I’m not craving junk food all the time.  Instead, I’m wanting healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables.

I’m going out more.  I took my daughter to the park last week.  We both enjoyed that.  I did some walking around, while she played.  I’ve gotten my house in order.  I can take an hour, once a week, and do a thorough cleaning.  That feels really good.  I’m constantly sweeping and mopping the floors.  They have to be done everyday, because of the amount of tracking in that is done by everyone.  We’ve been getting a lot of rain, and that makes it worse.  I finally figured out that if I wait until evening, and then sweep and mop, I only have to do it once a day.  Which, I admit, is difficult for me.  Because I have a strong need to have my floors looking clean at all times.

I’m going to start working on the bathroom this week.  I have to get the walls sanded, and then I can get the Killz up.  After that, I should be able to get white paint on the walls, without the purple that is there bleeding through.  I’ll work on getting the sewing machine desk drawers sanded, painted, and stained, after I’ve finished painting the bathroom.  I’m really looking forward to getting all of that completed.

I’m taking things one day at a time.  I tell my parents and husband that I’m doing great.  I am, compared to how I was doing.  I still struggle, at times, with knowing that I will be battling depression the rest of my life.  That’s a hard thing for me to accept.  Depression isn’t something that can be cured.  But, it can be managed.  I’m working on that part now.  I’m grateful for a supportive family.  I’m glad my mother pushed me to see the doctor as soon as possible, instead of putting it off as I had planned.  My next follow-up is in a month.  Until then, I’m going to keep approaching this one day at a time.

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