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First Day Of School and Bathroom Renovation

I can’t believe the summer break is over.  Both kids started back to school today.  My daughter made it off to school with no problem, but my son’s bus was late.  I ended up taking him to school, because I wasn’t sure when his bus would end up arriving.  I’ve been working on a bathroom renovation project for awhile.  This past weekend, with help from my husband, I was able to get started with putting Killz on the bathroom walls.

It’s turning into a bigger project than what I expected.  The walls had an awful purple paint on them, and it’s going to take at least three coats of killz to neutralize the walls.  We managed to get two coats of Killz on most of the walls.  I need to do a second coat along the borders, and one coat on the trim.  There’s also the wall with the toilet and sink that needs it’s first coat.  My husband wants to wait until the rest of the bathroom walls are done before tackling that.

Since I spent Saturday and Sunday painting, I’m taking today off.  I’ll get back to the walls Wednesday.  Tomorrow will be busy with appointments away from the house.  I’m feeling better than I was last week.  I’m sleeping better, and that makes a huge difference.  I have an appointment with my doctor this week, and I plan to discuss how to deal with stress with her.

I’m having a problem with itching all over.  I don’t know if it’s a new way my body is coping with stress, or an allergic reaction to one of my medicines.  I took an allergy pill this morning, and it is helping.  I swear, my body never ceases to surprise me in how it wants to irritate me.

Back to the first day of school, for my son, I just have to laugh at his reaction.  He was up and out of bed quickly, when I woke him up.  He quickly dressed, and had a big grin on his face.  When I ended up taking him to school, he had a great reaction to pulling up to the drop off area.  He was out of the car and off to the cafeteria without anyone prompting him.  It was great to see him so happy to be back at school.

I’m looking forward to my kids getting home today.  This is my daughter’s first day of Middle School, and I am excited to see how it went.  I’m going to spend the rest of today relaxing.  I put dinner in the crock pot, and that leaves only a few household chores to be done.  I’ll get them done quickly, later.  For now, I’m going to take this one day and do nothing.  The rest of the week will be full of things that I need to do.  I am thinking that I should designate Monday’s as a “Me Day.”  It might be just what I need to do to handle the stress in my life.

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