Boy Scouts And Special Allowances

Boy Scouts And Special Allowances

My son has been doing really good in Boy Scouts.  He enjoys being around the other kids, and loves when they go camping.  He’s now at the point where he should be working on the Eagle Award.  This is a big deal for Boy Scouts, and a difficult award to get.  My husband sat down with the other scout leaders and the area representative in charge of making special allowances for children with special needs.

This guy is a “by the book” kind of person.  Every time my husband asked him a question, he had to refer to his book for the answer.  When it came to determining what my son would have to do to achieve the Eagle Award, he was not able to give an exact answer.  He wants a copy of my son’s IEP to review before stating what the requirements would be for my son.

My son has been with the Boy Scouts for almost 8 years.  The scout leaders know exactly what he is capable of.  But that wasn’t good enough for this guy.  He wants to see what the IEP says.  I don’t have a problem with this, but I think he’s making this process more difficult than it needs to be.

My husband and son will be going on a Boy Scout camping trip in a couple weeks.  My son will be working on his outdoor cooking badge.  Instead of him cooking for the other scouts, he will be cooking for the leaders.  They are planning meals that will be easy for him to do.  These meals range from sandwiches to one pot meals.  I think he’ll end up successfully completing the requirements for the cooking badge.

I’m going to send the camera with them, and pray that my husband gets lots of pictures.  In previous camping trips, he hasn’t taken near as many as I would have.  I don’t think he realizes how jealous I get of the two of them camping.  Looking at the pictures are the only way I can share in the experience with them.  I grill my husband each time they return from one, but it’s like pulling teeth to get information.  Is that a male thing?

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