Trying To Take A Day To Relax

Trying To Take A Day To Relax

I usually take Mondays as a rest day.  Hard to do that when it’s a holiday, and everyone is home with me.  I should take today as a rest day, but I haven’t had a chance to.  After getting the kids off to school, I had to get a load of laundry going.  Then I had to run up to my son’s school and drop off some classroom supplies.  After that, it was a trip to the grocery store.  Now, I am taking stock of what things need to be done around the house.

No painting got done over the holiday weekend.  Instead, we opted for family time at the stores.  That means I have to get in there this week, and do some painting by myself.  I don’t mind.  It’s actually easier if I do it without anyone home.  I also have a ton of cleaning to catch up on.

I have doctor appointments scheduled this week.  One for me, just a routine mammogram, and an appointment for my daughter.  I also have to call her eye doctor.  She’s been having problems with her eyes, and I don’t think it can wait until her yearly eye exam.  She’s been complaining of pain and blurred vision.

I plan on making that phone call after I’m done with this post.  I’m also happy to report that my medical bills have come in from my overnight stay at the hospital.  I was expecting to max out my deductible, and end up with a $2000 in bills.  My insurance has a $2000 out of pocket limit.  They pay 80% on most everything after a $400 deductible is met.  Given the nature of my hospital visit, the percentage was different.  It put my IV and drugs towards my deductible (total $100), and the rest was paid at 100%.  The radiologist bill was put towards my deductible, and that was about $176.  I might get one other bill, for the attending doctor?  I’m not sure if that was included in the hospital bill.  All in all, $276 for an ER visit and an overnight stay in the hospital is pretty good.

I’m trying not to stress over money.  All of these doctor appointments are adding up, as are the prescriptions.  And it’s not just my medical issues.  I have a feeling that the insurance won’t cover a check-up for my daughter’s eyes.  The coverage for eye health is really bad.  But, I’m worried.  Eye pain and blurriness at her age isn’t something to put off getting addressed.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get her in to see someone soon.  I’m off to make that phone call now.  Then I’ll take a little time and do nothing, before starting up with housecleaning.

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