Having Trouble Sleeping and Venting

Having Trouble Sleeping and Venting

I’m up late tonight.  I can’t get my mind to shut down, so I decided to try putting all my thoughts into a blog post.  I’ve had a few nights over the last few weeks, of having trouble sleeping.  My main worry, however, isn’t those few nights.  My main concern is that I’ve been so tired during the day, everyday.  I’ve also been dealing with nausea.

I don’t know if my medication needs to be adjusted, or I’m feeling the affects of holiday stress.  I am having Thanksgiving here for my husband’s family.  I’ve been spending a lot of time getting the house in order, and planning the dinner.  I decided that it would be easier to make homemade lasagna, instead of a turkey and side dishes.

It also looks like everyone here is coming down with a cold.  I’ll have to call and make an appointment for the kids to see the doctor.  I am definitely going to have to call my daughter’s ENT and see about scheduling surgery to get her tonsils removed.  I was hoping to wait until summer, but she’s having a lot more problems with sore throats.  I’ll need to get with the doctor and see if he can schedule surgery during Spring break.

My son is doing really good.  There’s nothing new to report with him.  He had a great time on the Boy Scout camping trip that he and my husband went on.  He loves camping.  There was one little issue that was scary for my husband.  It was raining, and they both were in the tent staying dry.  My husband got out of the tent, and went to talk with the other scout leaders.  At one point, when he looked towards the tent, my son wasn’t in there.  Needless to say, he was freaking out.  He looked all over, and found him in the bathroom.

My son has no problem going to the bathroom at home.  When we are at someone’s house, I have to tell him to go.  When we are camping, my husband takes him to the bathroom on a regular basis.  The fact that my son went to the bathroom while camping, on his own and without being told, is a great accomplishment.  It was also a really scary one for my husband.  When he told me, I was so proud of our boy, but I also felt really bad for my husband.  I know I would have been freaked out if I was in his place.  It just goes to show, sometimes parents have to think really fast about how they are reacting to certain situations.  I’m happy that my husband realized how great an accomplishment it was, and didn’t let his fear at not knowing where our son was cause him to react negatively.  That could have ended badly.

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