A study of Autism with fMRI technique

A study of Autism with fMRI technique

Mental retardation with brain disorder is turning into a vital condition nowadays. The place is none other than the U.S, a first world country, where according to the CDC data report of the year 2008, 1 out of 88 children was found with autism, but according to the latest data report, 1 out of 68 is found with autistic impairments.

Therapies to treat Autism:

The parents of autistic children are advised to treat autism with therapies of

  • Behavioral intervention (to reduce social skill impairment)
  • Physical therapy (to reduce motor skill disorder)
  • Language therapy (to reduce non-verbal communication)
  • HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)

Researchers have gone through several parameters to understand why autism plays the role of chronic as well as an incurable disease. Nine years long research found that autism is strongly genetic. Besides genetic, many other parameters like, immune deficiency, hormonal imbalance (testosterone), fetal brain attacking antibodies in mothers’ womb are also responsible for this neuropsychiatric disorder.

Image Courtesy: autismspeaks.org

Neuronal Study with fMRI:

As autism or ASD is nothing but a chronic neurological disorder, so a close look of neurons or brain cells is also needed to get a better understanding. That’s why researchers have gone through fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) study.

A study was published in Nature Neuroscience, which was done taking two groups of sample. One group of autistic individuals and another group of control participants.

So, what was the result of fMRI data?


Avital Hahamy, co-author of this study said, “From a young age, the average, typical person’s brain networks get molded by intensive interaction with people and the mutual environmental factors. Such shared experiences could tend to make the synchronization patterns in the control group’s resting brains more similar to each other”.

The result was very interesting. The data with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) showed a typical difference between the neuronal connectivity of autistic individuals and that of control participants. The distorted connectivity of the people having autism is responsible for their abnormal behavioral patterns and social skill impairment with cognitive disabilities. The motor skill disorder is also found in them due to poor connectivity or the poor signal transduction of their impaired motor neurons.

He stated another statement for the typical autistic patients. He said, “It is possible that in ASD, as interactions with the environment are disrupted, each one develops a more uniquely individualistic brain organization pattern.”

It is also reported that, because of an increased connectivity with more synaptic junctions, an ASD brain differs from a normal brain of a control participant.

So, as we know the reason of autistic impairments, we must think how to reduce the autistic disabilities, because it can’t be cured, but we can control.

How to reduce Autistic disabilities:

Different therapies with their goals to treat autism, have been previously discussed. Another therapy is there and that is HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are specially designed to carry out this therapy. The chambers are specially designed with monoplace and polyplace as well as portable facilities. Technically hyperbaric oxygen chambers are specially designed with the flash-through system to make a high atmospheric pressure of oxygen.

This therapy with the hyperbaric oxygen chambers, dissolves more than 10% of oxygen in blood. The more oxygenated blood will reach to an autistic brain to make better neuronal signal transduction by increasing the secretion of neurotransmitter.

FDA has not approved HBOT, only to treat autism, but it is reported by families and the parents having autistic children that, along with other therapies the oxygen therapy with hyperbaric oxygen chambers is effective for their children.

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