Our Journey With The Boy Scouts of America

Our Journey With The Boy Scouts of America

I am proud to being doing a sponsored post with the Boy Scouts of America.  They wanted me to share our family’s story about being involved with the Boy Scouts.  This is only supposed to be one post, but I am going to split it up into two.  Why?  Because I can not condense 7 years worth of experiences into just one post.  I also want to share what the Boy Scouts has meant to not only my son, but to me and my husband.

I think that the best place to start my story is when I first approached a Scout Leader about my son joining his troop.  I was at a community event, with my son, and they had a table set up.  At that point in time, I had no experience with the Boy Scouts.  I didn’t think my son could join, but I had learned early that it never hurt to ask.  I am so glad that I did.

The Scout Leader, and the boys that were there with him, were very friendly.  He said that my son would be a welcome member of his troop, and asked me questions about him.  We both agreed that it would be better for my son if my husband were to become involved, too.  He sent us home with an application for both of them, and his contact information.

That night, I sat down with my husband and we discussed this new opportunity.  Both of us were excited that our son would be able to get involved in an activity that most boys would take for granted.  My husband was a Boy Scout in his youth, and was excited to be able to share this with our son.  Within a few weeks, both of them were beginning their new journey with the Boy Scouts of America.

This was about 7 years ago.  I could be estimating the time frame wrong by a year, but I think I’m close.  Over the years, my son has accomplished things that I never thought was possible.  Things that I know were only possible because of his involvement with Boy Scouts.  We have an extended family.  A family that sees my son, and not a disability.  They are protective and supportive of my son.  Not once have we heard  the words ” No.  He can’t do that.”  It’s always, “Let’s see what needs to be done so that he can do this.”

That’s the story of how we became involved with the Boy Scouts of America.  Please read my next post and learn specific details of our journey.  I will also be including some funny stories that my husband has shared with me about some of their camping trips.

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  • Congrats to you and your son. . . Scouting builds character in anyone who participates, we are very fortunate an our son earned his Eagle Scout, all on his own, without modifications, only the usual parental encouragement (sometimes pushing) with an amazing group of adult volunteers . . . thank you for sharing your story

    Bill Prescott
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  • Adrian

    Very cool! I’m one of the other moms in this post series. I spoke about how Scouting helped my son through bullying. We have several boys in our Troop with milder autism, ADHD (my son and several others) and two deaf boys. It hasn’t always been 100% terrific, but it’s been pretty great most of the time. One of our Aspergers boys is now an Assistant SM in his own Troop. I think it’s great to teach the boys to look past the challenges.
    Adrian recently posted..Confessions of a Nerdy Blogger

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