Hospitalized Children: How to Keep Your Child Positive and Busy During a Stay at the Hospital

Hospitalized Children: How to Keep Your Child Positive and Busy During a Stay at the Hospital

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Playing is an important part of every child’s life. It’s a social activity that teaches them to understand the world and the people in their life. Often they pretend to be grown up while they are playing, and they act out scenes they have witnessed in everyday life. Playing and pretending to promote social development, learning, growth, and fun.


A Child’s Routine In The Hospital


A child’s normal routine is completely disrupted when they are hospitalized. They are separated from family and friends for most of the time they are there. Familiar toys, games, stuffed animals and books can help the child be more at ease. Parents can pack some favorite toys and a special new one to help their child be more at ease in the hospital’s unfamiliar setting. The sounds, smells, and activities in the hospital may cause your child to feel anxious and fearful. Playing while in the hospital allows the child to retain some control over their day, and it helps them not to worry as much about the strange surroundings, tests, and treatments. Hand-held video games and apps for tablets entertain children and keep them distracted during treatments and tests.


Art Activities


Children can often express their thoughts through art. Drawing and coloring are favorite relaxing activities for children. The colors are soothing and help them feel safer. If your child has a tablet, you can download this Android mandala coloring app to provide a fun and peaceful activity that will exude a calming influence while he or she is in the hospital. Colored pencils and paper are also good gifts for the child in the hospital. Drawing pictures of their doctors and nurses can help them realize they are friends who are there to help.


Books And Movies


There are times when a child isn’t able to move around while having a treatment. Movies and books are the right activities to entertain the child during these times. Most hospitals have a selection of age-appropriate movies and books, and parents can bring some favorites from home. Many children have a favorite movie they will watch over and over because it comforts them. Don’t be concerned by the repetition because the characters are the child’s friend and he or she feels safe when they are watching it.


When You Pack Their Bag


Small children often have a special blanket. Be sure it goes in the bag along with a special stuffed animal. Pack warm pajamas, socks, and a sweater. Hospitals often feel cold and these items will keep your child feeling warm and cozy. Hospital pillows aren’t as soft as the ones at home. Sending your child’s favorite pillow in a cartoon character case will put a smile on his or her face. Ask your child’s doctor about food restrictions. If there are none, tuck some favorite crackers in your child’s bag for a special treat.


Playing provides a safe space for your child when they are sick. A few special toys, games, and books can help your child feel more comfortable during their hospital stay.

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