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4 Awesome Ways to Create Autism Awareness This April

Autism is a serious problem in the world today, with 1 in 68 children suffering from the neurodevelopmental disorder in the US. Families with autistic children have to deal with a lot of hardships when it comes to treatments and interventions, and treatment costs. What heightens their hardships is the way their child with autism is treated by the society at large, which is often unpleasant and stems from a lack of awareness about autism.

The stress autism families go through can be reduced to some extent with the kind support of their friends and people in general. Such a kind and supportive attitude can be developed among people by creating awareness among them and educating them about autism.

Here is a list of ways in which you can create autism awareness in the society this April – the autism awareness month:

  1. The Autism Ribbon

The autism ribbon – a ribbon with puzzle pieces – is often contained in jewelry, displayed on T-shirts and more. The autism ribbon was made by the Autism Society in 1999, and currently serves as a universal autism awareness symbol. As per the Autism Society, the ribbon’s puzzle pattern indicates the complexity of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The various shapes and colors symbolize the diversity of families and people living with the disorder. The ribbon’s brightness represents hope, that with increased autism awareness, early interventions and treatments, and access to proper support and services, children and adults with autism can lead better and fulfilled lives, interacting with the world around them in their own way.

People show the autism ribbon often to start a conversation about the way the condition affects them or any family member. Some people are even glad to answer questions on autism and encourage others to get an insight into how it is to live with the neurodevelopmental disorder.

The Awareness Expo is a one-stop shop to find T-shirts and accessories with the autism ribbon.

  1. Autism Awareness Jewelry

The autism awareness necklaces and bracelets by The Awareness Expo are a great way to spread awareness about the condition throughout the year. Such jewelry items often display puzzle pieces as a symbol of autism. The jewelry items are not only cool and trendy, but also serve the purpose of increasing autism awareness. They are available in gift boxes, making them awesome gifts for a friend or loved one with the disorder.

  1. Autism Awareness T-shirts

T-shirts are another effective way to boost autism awareness. At The Awareness Expo, you can find T-shirts displaying puzzle pieces and the colourful ribbon with puzzle pieces, as symbols of the condition. The T-shirts are machine washable and 100% cotton, making them suitable for regular use. They are a great way of showing your support towards autism awareness.

  1. Discussion About Autism Awareness

It’s quite intimidating to have a conversation around autism spectrum disorder and how the condition affects you or a family member. Such a conversation may arise as response for a misunderstanding about ASD or a negative interaction. However, you may choose to initiate a conversation on the topic by inviting a few people and hosting a Q&A session about the condition at your home. Such a conversation can be a great opportunity for others to put forth their questions about autism that they were not comfortable to ask previously.

In whatever way you choose to support and create autism awareness in the month of April, your contribution is always valuable. With more and more people supporting the cause, we can together create a world that understands autism better and is a better place for people with autism.

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