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Education of Children With Autism Software Program


With autism rates climbing at such an alarming rate, more parents are taking it upon themselves to find innovative educational programs that speak to the unique needs of their children with autism. New online software products BrainPro(R) Autism provide support and deliver positive changes in the brain, improving both reading and social skills . . . → Read More: Education of Children With Autism Software Program

Make Your Student Life Interesting Through Distance Learning


Studies, studies, and studies- this word doesn’t stop following you. Right from the beginning of your school days till you get a job you continue studying. Even after you get your job, you need to study to keep yourself updated. In one word, studies stick to you throughout your life. It should be remembered . . . → Read More: Make Your Student Life Interesting Through Distance Learning

Children Are Learning By Playing Video Games


I would like to bring to your attention something that I’ll bet you wish was around when you were a kid. Trickomatics, a children’s educational media company whereby children learn math through Hollywood Entertainment and Silicon Valley Gaming and learn without even realizing that they are learning.

Let’s face it most kids don’t enjoy . . . → Read More: Children Are Learning By Playing Video Games

Educating Children with Asperger’s Disorder

private tutors

Many parents with children that have Asperger’s know that there are going to be problems that arise having their children in a mainstream school. But are those problems a product of the child or of the system? Schooling so often these days is like a cookie cutter factory. Those that fall above or below . . . → Read More: Educating Children with Asperger’s Disorder

Heads Up! – Review

Are you constantly telling your child to “get back to work”? Are they easily distracted when doing schoolwork or reading?

Heads Up! has a whole store of resources that are designed to make a difference in the lives of struggling learners.

The product pictured above is called Top Of The Line. It is . . . → Read More: Heads Up! – Review

Water Reading


This is a fun experiment to do with your kids to show them the properties of light.

Fill a test tube with water, and seal it with a stopper.

Write BOB (make sure to use all capitals) and SALLY, below Bob, on a piece of paper, in large letters.

Hold the tube above Sally. . . . → Read More: Water Reading

Learning Link Technologies

help for learning link tech

Guest Post

Dealing with a Learning Problem? You May Need a New Approach.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Einstein coined this phrase, and it holds true now more than ever, especially when referring to academic success and how we help those students . . . → Read More: Learning Link Technologies

Khan Academy Highlights the Hopes of Online Higher Education


The idea is so simple and so obvious there’s no reason why it didn’t develop immediately with the birth of the Internet. Use home computers to reach out to those with autism and give them an avenue to be educated. The traditional school environment and even special education programs are oftentimes a struggle for . . . → Read More: Khan Academy Highlights the Hopes of Online Higher Education

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