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Educating Children with Asperger’s Disorder

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Many parents with children that have Asperger’s know that there are going to be problems that arise having their children in a mainstream school. But are those problems a product of the child or of the system? Schooling so often these days is like a cookie cutter factory. Those that fall above or below . . . → Read More: Educating Children with Asperger’s Disorder

Hoover Vacuum Break Down, Family Colds, and IEP Meeting

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My son is now sick. And guess what? So am I! The second time around is worse that the first. I just knew that I would end up with it again. I’m determined not to let it mess up my weekend, though.

Looks like I will have to get a new vacuum. . . . → Read More: Hoover Vacuum Break Down, Family Colds, and IEP Meeting

Teaching An Autistic Child

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Teaching an autistic child requires creativity and an understanding of the child’s strengths and weaknesses. You can not take one program and use it with all autistic children. Each program needs to be designed specifically for each child. This can be difficult for teachers. Having an IEP for your child helps, but it can . . . → Read More: Teaching An Autistic Child

IEP YouTube Video

I hope you find this helpful.

Touching Interview With A Mother With An Autistic Daughter

My interview with Nancy Nally, Scrapbook Update. She’s the mother of a wonderful, autistic girl.

1. Can you introduce yourself and your daughter to my readers?

I’m a work-at-home mom who runs an online media company called Balalaberry Media that I co-own with my husband. Mostly what that means is that I spend . . . → Read More: Touching Interview With A Mother With An Autistic Daughter

Autism Moms Thursday Pet Peeves

This week, for Autism Moms Thursday, the topic will be Pet Peeves. Not any old pet peeves, but ones dealing with IEP meetings. I’ll start us off by listing mine. When you have your post up (please copy the image above and link to this post), come back here and enter your . . . → Read More: Autism Moms Thursday Pet Peeves

Last IEP Meeting

I’ve had a busy day. My son’s IEP meeting was this morning. It lasted two hours. It went the way I thought it would. Awful. My son is attending a special needs public school. This school only follows one type of curriculum and it is the one that does not lead to a diploma.

. . . → Read More: Last IEP Meeting

IEP Meeting Yesterday

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I had the meeting yesterday and we had to schedule a second one to finish up. It was very difficult. We covered his old IEP first. That wasn’t too bad. My son accomplished 57% of his goals.

Then we were ready to go over the new one. They asked . . . → Read More: IEP Meeting Yesterday


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