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The Recipe For Halloween Spider Sandwiches

I am a fun loving person and when I am not talking about autism and its financial implications on the caregivers, I love to talk about food. I love cooking and if you get close to my daughter she will surely tell you that she admires that a lot about me. There is a recipe I scraped up from the Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen and I will love to share it with you. 

By the way, I will like to mention that Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen is an initiative of the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. The main focus of this association is to help communities deal with poor nutrition and childhood obesity which has reached an alarming rate. 

The Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen was launched in 2006 and the inspiration came from a project called Junior Chefs. The project has been launched in more than two hundred cities across Mexico, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. What I love about this initiative is that it empowers youths to make the right choices at improving their health.

If there is another important lesson to learn from the project, it is the power of voluntarism to be used as a tool to tackle important community problems locally and internationally. The food I will love to share with you today is called Halloween Spider Sandwiches.

Recipe For Halloween Spider Sandwiches

To make the Halloween Spider Sandwiches you will need the following ingredients 

• 8 slices of whole wheat sandwich bread

• ½ cup of softened cream cheese

• 8 raisins

• 32 pretzel sticks or thin carrot strips (or thin celery strips)

• Variations

• Butter for cream cheese

• Substitute peanut or flavored cream cheese

Procedure For Making Halloween Spider Sandwiches

The first step is to cut out the spider bodies. You have to be very creative here because the final look will depend on how well you do the cutting. Once you are done, use 21/2-inch cookies to cut circles from each slice of bread. 

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Place the circles you just cut out on a cutting board and add spread. On the circles you just cut out from the bread, use a table knife to spread half of it with cream cheese. The next step would be to decorate the spiders. 

Use the pretzel sticks or thin carrot strips to decorate the side of the bread circles so that it will look like spider legs. The remaining bread circles should be placed on top. The raisins can be used to the form the eyes of the spiders. Press two raisins into small circles and place them on the side of the head of the spiders.

At this point you are almost done, get a paper plate and use a black marker to draw spider webs on them. Place the spiders you have made on this web so that it will look as if your bread spiders have spun the webs. Alternatively, you can place the spiders on a round wire rack and serve it to your guests. The idea is to make it look as if the spiders are on a web.