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About Me.

My name is Elizabeth and I am a mother caring for a daughter diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD is a broad neurological disorder that has a wide range of symptoms. The life of parents or caregivers of people with this condition is affected drastically because they have to deal with the numerous health challenges and the accompanying social stigma. I have benefited from interacting with other parents caring for autistic children as well as made a lot of research on my own. Creating this website is my way of helping other parents who might be having the same difficulty I faced raising my lovely daughter.
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My Belief.

Autism is a condition that affects the patients and their caregivers alike. Notwithstanding that the CDC has mentioned that about 1 in 68 people suffer from this condition, I believe it has not been given enough attention as it should. Stigma is one of the biggest problems that parents caring for children with autism face and I believe this is because many people do not understand autism or its impact on the patients and their caregivers.

From my numerous researches, I have come to realize that the health conditions and behaviors of people living with autism can be improved if the condition is diagnosed on time and behavioral therapy and other treatments are administered on time. One of the major problems of autism is that parents or caregivers fail to spot the symptoms on time and even when they spot these early symptoms, some of them are unaware of what to do next.

There are various ongoing researches with the intention of better understanding the cause and possibly finding treatment for the condition. One of such researches focuses on administering probiotics. Some of these beneficial researches are constrained by finances. It is my belief that if these studies are publicized enough they would likely get the funds they need to conclude the work.
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My Vision.

I look forward to a world where parents taking care of children with autism will stay healthy too while giving their children the best. I also envision a society where autism people will be better integrated and given all the opportunity they need to make a mark in their society.

My Mission.

Caring for my daughter with autism spectrum disorder has thought me a lot. For the first time in my life, I was drawn to the loneliness, difficulties, and hurt of parents like myself. My goal is to use this medium to help similar parents to understand autism better as well as give them tips that will make the care for their children easier.

Since autism is also a broad neurological condition, the symptoms are also broad. Some of the symptoms particularly problem behavior can be misunderstood with that of a normally developing child especially if the child is on the lighter part of the spectrum. I want to help parents to identify the symptoms of autism on time so that they will also begin to seek for medical help on time.

Beyond helping the parents taking care of children with autism, I also want to educate the public on the impact of autism because I believe it is the best way to eradicate the stigma associated with autism and better integrate those suffering from this condition.
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The Future.

Everyone in the world has an equal right to life and opportunities. People with autism may have several social and health challenges but that does not make them less human. Policies should be enacted to enhance their integration and accommodate their numerous challenges. Parents taking care of children with autism will have less stress to deal with if health insurance companies can cover autism treatment.

There are lots of ongoing researches on autism and I will be delighted if one of such research eventually ends in finding a relief to autism people and their caregivers. This is also a clarion call on scientists to increase their interest in this area of study.

I hope to create a vibrant community that will support parents caring for children with autism so that the challenge becomes less stressful. We can do this by continuously creating awareness and educating the general public about this condition and encouraging parents and caregivers to talk about their difficulties.