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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a broad neurological disorder that has a wide range of symptoms. The life of parents or caregivers of people with this condition is affected drastically because they have to deal with the numerous health challenges and the accompanying social stigma. I have benefited from interacting with other parents caring for autistic children as well as made a lot of research on my own. Creating this website is my way of helping other parents who might be having the same difficulty I faced raising my lovely daughter.

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What Blood Test

Can Tell You About Autism?

ASD is a condition that manifests in social interaction, behavior, and cognition. The delayed manifestation of symptoms often makes early diagnosis difficult.

Common Health Challenges

Autistic Children Face

The brain of children with ASD lacks the ability to appropriately balance the senses. This makes it difficult for such children to properly express their emotion or respond to sensors.


In The Early Signs of Autism

If only I had an idea of some of the signs of autism I would have watched my daughter more keenly and probably would have spotted the early signs before she was six. It would have helped me to bond better with my daughter. There is a growing awareness of autism and this has affected the autism spectrum. According to CDC 1 in 189 girls and 1 in 42 boys suffer from the condition.




My goal is to use this medium to help similar parents to understand autism better as well as give them tips that will make the care for their children easier.


I look forward to a world where parents taking care of children with autism will stay healthy too while giving their children the best. I also envision a society where autism people will be better integrated and given all the opportunity they need to make a mark in their society.


I hope to create a vibrant community that will support parents caring for children with autism so that the challenge becomes less stressful. We can do this by continuously creating awareness and educating the general public about this condition and encouraging parents and caregivers to talk about their difficulties.

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The Recipe For Halloween Spider Sandwiches

I am a fun loving person and when I am not talking about autism and its financial implications on the caregivers, I love to talk about food. I love cooking and if you get close to my daughter she will surely tell you that she admires that a lot about me. There is a recipe I scraped up from the Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen and I will love to share it with you. 


Was your child recently diagnosed with autism? Are you also interested in autism and would like to find out some of the milestones that have been achieved in this area of study?


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