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Some Conditions Come With Autism In Pairs – My Observation

The reality that my daughter’s autism was not diagnosed on time still gets me annoyed. I still believe that our lives would have been different if I knew earlier. I have come across lots of studies that mentioned that if treatment which includes lots of behavioral therapies are given on time the child would perform better.

If also I knew that some conditions came in pairs for children with autism, it would have made it easier for me to handle them without panicking as much as I did. When my daughter started having sleeping disorder and constipation at the same time, I thought that was the end of it. I never thought she would make it out of the condition alive. 

Just when we overcame that problem, she began to have eating and sleeping problems. Most nights I will go to bed with her besides me knowing that I will likely not sleep because, if she was awake, I needed to be awake too to keep my eyes on her. Also, I don’t think any mother will be comfortable seeing their child go through most of the day without eating. 

Paired Health Condition In Autism Has Been Proven Scientifically

My relief came when I started reading about autism and some of its accompanying conditions. I found a study that analyzed autistic children between the ages of 17 months and 17 years who paid a trip to autism clinics in the United States. The study which encompassed a network of autism clinics lasted between 2010 and 2016.

While it is easy to explain the relationship between some of the conditions that occur together in autistic children, the overlap between some of the conditions is hard to explain scientifically. For example, anxiety is one of the common health challenges of children with autism. Anxiety usually results from insomnia which is another common health challenge. The link between the above two mentioned health conditions is easy to establish but the explanation for other conditions like gastrointestinal issues, speech problems, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) which also occur in pairs may not be so easy to explain.

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Anxiety is one of the common health challenges of children with autism

Facing the behavioral challenges alone is very difficult for the parents or the caregiver but these accompanying health issues tend to make it worse. Researchers have shown that these health challenges may mask the early diagnosis of autism and vice versa. 

Based on my observation, it is important for parents caring for a child with autism to keep detailed notes on any observed behavioral or health changes. This will definitely come handy in the diagnosis and treatment as well as gives you the best shot at eliminating some of these health conditions.

Scientists Are Working To Find Relationships In Autism Health Challenges

As I mentioned earlier, the relationship between some of the conditions is easy to explain. For example, it has been found that children that are lower than five years, feeding difficulty and speech problem occur together23% more often while for adults the figure goes up to 27%. For the more difficult to explain, Vanderbilt University in Nashville’s professor of neurology and pediatrics, Beth Malow is suggesting that some mechanisms may be causing their systems to be dysregulated or over-aroused. 

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It has been found that children that are lower than five years, feeding difficulty and speech problem occur together 23% more often.

When I understood my daughter’s condition better, I started to observe her more keenly. If there is a slight change in the way she walks, you can trust me to spot it. It was during this time that I noticed that her speech difficulty was persisted. In other words, it was in association with almost all other condition. 

In as much as research has placed a lot of emphasis on paired health conditions, I would advise you to prepare for more. There were times my daughter would have as much as 4 health conditions at a time ranging from constipation to speech difficulty to sleeping problems to anxiety; she had them all at the same time. 

My daughter may look fragile but when I look back at some of the health challenges she has overcome, I know that she is a strong girl. I would recommend you make the pediatricians your friend and pay them regular visits. You will need their reassuring words to get over the pressure.